Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Custom Script Issue - When creating a copy of a page, custom script code was updated to an old page and not to the new page.

  • Adjustments were made to the various Activity Feeds including notations of
    when a client deletes a document, when a pro deletes a message,
    when a pro or client logs in and the mailing list created/deleted by name.

  • Fixed a bug where the alternate email address was not removing after clicked save in the Appointments Preferences page.

  • Clients > Client > Alert Preferences -
    Fixed a bug when editing the alert preferences, the preferences were not saving.

  • Settings > Message Center Signature -

    Fixed a bug where the message center signature was not included on message notifications.

  • Appointments > Calendar -
    Fixed a bug where the Safari browser was improperly displaying code instead of the appointment times. This issue was exclusively related to Safari which uses a different process on how it reads formatted dates. (Tested on Mac and iPhone)

  • Nurture Campaigns > Logos -
    Fixed an issue with oversized logos not showing on the nurture campaigns. Uploaded logos were not being resized to 260px wide, the nurture email was trying to access a non-existing version of the image with said width and that was failing.

  • Appointments > Appointment Types -
    There was a restriction that prevented an appointment type with the same name as another pro’s to be created in the same domain. This was fixed.

  • Subscribers > Subscriber lists -
    Fixed a bug where a subscriber list could be uploaded to an untitled list causing a red banner error. A list drop-down was created on the subscription list upload page. In addition, if a client list is created or removed, the details are logged on the main activity feed.

  • Custom Newsletter -
    Fixed a bug where the custom salutation was not saving.

  • In the Marketing Library, videos and PDFs are now sorted by newest to oldest.

  • Messages > Message Counter -
    Adjustments were made to the message counter for new messages.

  • Duplicate client records were showing on the client list export. This is resolved.

  • Website Editor > Primary Presentation -
    Fixed an issue in the Website Editor > Primary Presentation. The link was not saving in the choose URL or Phone number field.

  • Due to the last update, the edit buttons in Campaigns were not responsive. This is fixed.

  • Client Activity Feed -
    Due to recent adjustments, we are not seeing the log of when a pro uploads a document via a message. This is resolved.

  • Fixed an issue where the message indicator light would not trigger when a message was replied to.

  • When you resubscribe a previously unsubscribed client, the status was not updating in the mail server. This is resolved.

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