We submit to the IRS and CTEC weekly.

For IRS reporting, your PTIN number must be in your profile. Please confirm the correct spelling of your last name. If you have a multiple hyphenated last name, please confirm which name was provided during your PTIN application.

PTIN numbers begin with the letter P followed by 8 digits

  • Example (P12345678)

If you are a CPA and provide your PTIN, we will report your hours, which gives you the ability to verify your tax CPE on your PTIN account.

If you are a California Registered Tax Preparer (CRTP), your CTEC number must be in your profile. We will report CPE online to CTEC weekly.

CTEC Numbers begin with the letter A followed by 6 digits

  • Example (A123456)

CTEC Renewals are Due October 31st. We will increase our CPE reporting frequency as we get closer to the October 31st deadline, however we recommend that you complete your courses no later than October 30th to ensure timely reporting.

Click Here for CTEC's Renewal Guidelines

If you do not think a course was reported, please email [email protected], provide your PTIN and/or CTEC number and the courses you want to submit for credit.

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