Please save your xls database template as CSV file (Comma Delimited) (*.csv).

Your import list should have a Y (capital Y) in the selected groups.

Login to your admin site.
Click on Newsletter.
Click on Import Subscriber.

Browse out and find the file. Select the file and click Open.

Click Import List.

In the Fields in this file are delimited by: drop down menu select Comma.

Map Fields on the Left to the Map to Column on the Right.

Scroll to the bottom and choose the following selections -

Ignore First Row – Flag Yes
Replace Distribution List – Only flag yes if you would like to delete your entire list and replace with the new list. Select No if you are not replacing the entire list.
Update Existing Subscribers – Flag yes if you are updating your existing list.

Click Import.

After clicking Import, the status report will show; click continue and your list is uploaded. Note that depending on the size of the list, this may take a few minutes.

We recommend spot checking a couple of subscribers to verify you have correctly imported your list.

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