ClientWhys Tax Accountant Websites are set up to allow CPAs, Enrolled Agents and Tax Preparers to create online storage for important client documents or to temporarily share documents and purge them from the system at a later date.

If you are storing important client documents, you can position this as part of your service. Set up folders for each tax year where copies of client documents can be stored and clients can upload documents of their own.

The other option is to securely share documents so clients can access them for a set period of time. Users can then use the global purger tool that will allow the Tax Accountant the ability to delete the files after the set period of time. For example, you could run a monthly purge that deletes all files older than 30 days. The system will not purge e-signature items since they must be kept for your records.

- If you are currently a ClientWhys website customer and you want to purge out your old documents, simply login to the Editor, click on Editor Home, scroll down to Lockbox, and click File Purger.

If you are a Clientwhys Lockbox only customer and you want to purge out your hold documents, login to the Lockbox, click Editor Home in the top right corner, scroll down to Lockbox and click File Purger.

Once in the file purger, add the date zone that you want to delete. Please note that this cannot be undone. Click Submit and the system will delete out the older files. We are running our next storage reports at the end of July, so make sure that you purge out the files before then in case you are now in a new pricing level.

Please call our Help Desk at 1.800.442.2477 x4 with any questions or you can send an e-mail at [email protected].

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