The eConsent tool allows you to manage paperless engagements and 7216 disclosures. Available to website and lockbox subscribers, the eConsent allows any PDF document to be uploaded to your client for an electronic signature.

Check "YES" - Are clients required to sign off upon receipt of this document? Your client will receive an e-mail to review the document.

The client can accept and sign off with their electronic signature which will be stored with that document. We have followed the IRS requirements for 7216 disclosures for our methodology. Any PDF document will work. We have also added 8 template documents that you can use for your eConsents.

You should have a basic understanding of Microsoft Word and how to print or save a file to a PDF file. The PDF document is locked so the end user cannot modify it. Based on your comments and suggestions, we will add more templates to the library.

We hope you find this a valuable tool that will help streamline your processes and cut down on the paperwork. Best yet, it's secure and convenient for both you and your clients.

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