To create your own article, follow these steps:

1. From the edit menu, you will need to create a page by clicking on "Add New Page."

2. Once a page has been created, you can add an article in the copy area. Simply click "Add Article" as shown below.

3. A window will open up with the heading "Article Information."

4. Add your Article Title.

5. Enter a Launch Date. The launch date allows you to control when a new article is published live.

6. Enter teaser text in the "Article Teaser" box (optional). The teaser text is used if you want to show just a highlight or summary of an article and have the main copy pop up when "Read More" is selected by the reader.

6. Add the body copy of the article in the "Article Text" box.

You can also add an image to the article from our stock image library or upload your own. We suggest that users utilize the easy editor versus adding html code into the text box, though the system will support both. Some html code will override our template style guide and may change the overall quality of the page. Take caution!

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