Release 2.0.3

New + Improved

  • Newsletter subject field have been moved around.
  • Image crop tool now has a nifty zooming tool
  • Confirmation banner shows up after uploading a subscriber list
  • Site editor save button stays put when scrolling
  • Preview button has been added to the design tab
  • Sent newsletters reports now show subscribers names
  • You can now drag subpages between menu items in the site editor (yay!)


  • Broken images in library fixed
  • Broken downloads in library now fixed too
  • Q/A errors cleaned up
  • Session domain bug fixed
  • Folder and file sharing between pro and client fixed
  • Newsletters opt-ins are going to the right place as leads
  • Permissions error for paid accounts with previous ADP/trial accounts fixed


  • New NGNIX load balancer and SSL server implemented to speed up site load times
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