Please follow the steps below to sync your Outlook Web App for Office 365 Small Business Calendar with the CountingWorks Pro Online Appointment Calendar.

STEP 1 - Enable Calendar Sharing

  1. Sign in to Office 365.

  2. Go to the Office 365 admin center.

  3. Select External sharing > Calendar

  4. Check Let people in your organization use a public URL to share their calendars to enable calendar sharing.

  5. Check Share calendar via web link for anonymous users.

    Depending on whether you share your calendar with other users in addition to the CountingWorks Pro Appointment Calendar, you will need to decide what type of calendar information to make available to anonymous users. Choices range from a limited view of free/busy information to full details of each item on a user’s calendar. The option you choose will determine what options are available to users. You can specify the amount of information to show on a case-by-case basis.

    Choices are:
    o Calendar free/busy information with time only
    o Calendar of free/busy information with time, subject, and location
    o All calendar appointment information, including time, subject, location, and title

  6. Select save

STEP 2 - Share my calendar with people outside my organization

  1. Sign in to the Office 365 portal.

  2. Click Calendar >Share.

  3. In the Share with box, type the email address, [email protected].

  4. After you add who you want to share your calendar with, choose Limited Availability

  5. Choose Send.

CountingWorks will receive an invitation in an email message telling them that you’ve shared your calendar. The invitation in the email message includes a URL to access the calendar.

NOTE Calendar items marked Private are always protected. Anyone you share your calendar with outside your organization sees only the time of items marked Private, and not the subject, location, or other details.

In the email sent to CountingWorks we will add the ICS file to your account for you. This link is listed as the 2nd link in the system generated email. See the example email below.

CountingWorks will receive an email with the following information -

NOTE - You must change webcal:// to https:// before adding to the Microsoft Sync field in the portal.

Example - change webcal://

webcal://[email protected]/3e216f72000e404186b24e8cf19b21378348951294890863324/S-1-8-3444876406-1988474445-328053649-1188442090/reachcalendar.ics

Change to https://[email protected]/3e216f72000e404186b24e8cf19b21378348951294890863324/S-1-8-3444876406-1988474445-328053649-1188442090/reachcalendar.ics

STEP 3 - Set up the Office 365 Calendar parameters within the CountingWorks Pro Portal Editor.

Login to your CountingWorks Pro admin at
Click on your image in the top right hand corner
Click on Your Profile

Scroll down until you see Microsoft Sync - Copy and paste the ISC link from the email into the CountingWorks Pro Editor.

Important Note - The Calendar Sync will only sync to one calendar at a time. If you have entered both a Google iCal link and an Office 365 link, The system will default to the Google iCal link.

STEP 4. Set up your preferences

Login to your CountingWorks Pro admin at
Click on the your image and select your profile

Click on the fields below to edit them

  • Services - Add your services and time allocated to those services.

  • Hours – Enter your hours of operation

    Your Set Up is Complete

Once the Office 365 Calendar has synced with the CountingWorks Pro online appointments calendar, the calendar will immediately identify when you're busy. Any appointments made through the online appointment calendar will be sent by email to your email account for approval. These emails will need to be both confirmed and saved to the calendar. Once you confirm an appointment and save it to the Calendar, the client will receive an email confirmation.

For Multiple Preparers – You can set up additional online appointment calendars for multiple preparers within your office.

Under the settings tab select Users and Access Levels and add the preparer. Next complete each of the set up screens including services, hours and the Office 365 link. Note each preparer must have their own Calendar and unique ICS link.

Please feel free email [email protected] if you need assistance setting up the online appointments.

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