The CountingWorks PRO Marketing Platform keeps everything together in one secure place.No matter how many clients you have or how many team members are working on a project, CountingWorks PRO keeps everything organized. Whether you have one engagement with clients or many, you can organize each project within its own conversation, sharing documents, providing guidance, and managing tasks. When a conversation is closed, you can easily archive if you ever need to access it again. The Marketing Platform also provides a range of useful marketing tools such as setting up custom nurture campaigns and a wide range of customizable print and video materials.

CountingWorks PRO’s Marketing Platform uses the same SSL technology to secure documents as online banks. Our drag-and-drop feature easily allows you to upload multiple documents at one time. Better yet, you can download all files in a conversation at one time. Eliminate the panicked client requests for tax return copies after hours. No file size limits. No stress.

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