Please contact CountingWorks to activate the Online Appointment Reminder system in your account. We utilize Google Calendar and Gmail to sync with our Online Appointment Calendar. You will need to follow the set up instructions below or provide us with your Google user name and password and we can set it up for you.

Getting Started
The Reminder system allows you to accommodate office tasks like appointment setting and reminders. This will lower your administration costs and improve the efficiencies in your office.

To set up, follow the steps below:

STEP 1. Set up a Google Calendar account at
Note you must use the default calendar, not a shared calendar. Your default calendar is always your primary calendar (the one at the top of "My Calendars").

  • Click the three dots next to your name under My Calendars.

  • Select Settings and Sharings

  • Scroll down to Access Permissions and flag the boxes next to Make this Calendar Public and see only my Free/Busy (hide details).

STEP 2. Set Up the Secret Address in ICAL Format

  • Scroll down to Integrate Calendar

  • Go to Secret Address in ICAL Format and copy the URL. Note if you do not show a Secret Address, please contact our help desk for further instruction.

Next -

  • Login to your CountingWorks Pro Platform at

  • Click on the your picture in the top right-hand corner and select Settings located to the right of your business name.

  • Scroll down until you see Google Sync

  • Paste the Secret iCal code from your Google Calendar into that field

It may take up to 2 hours for the initial sync so please be patient.

STEP 3. Set up your CountingWorks Pro Appointment Reminder Preferences

  • Login to your ClientWhys admin at

  • Click on the gear settings icon located to the right of your business name.

Click on Reminders and set up the following -

  • Services - Add your services and time allocated to those services.

  • Hours – Enter your hours of operation

Your Set Up is Complete

Once the Google Calendar has synced with the CountingWorks Pro online appointments calendar, the calendar will immediately identify when you're busy. Any appointments made through the online appointment calendar will be sent by email to your Gmail account for approval. These emails will need to be both confirmed and saved to the Google calendar. Once you confirm an appointment and save it to the Google Calendar, the client will receive an email confirmation.

For Multiple Preparers – You can set up additional online appointment calendars for multiple preparers within your office.

Under the settings tab select the User and Access Levels and add the preparer. Next complete each of the set up screens including services, hours and the Google iCal link. Note each preparer must have their own Google Calendar and unique private iCal link.

Please feel free email [email protected] if you need assistance setting up the online appointments. We will need you to provide your Google user name and password.

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